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Graces for a Retreat

Graces for a Retreat

Time, Landscape, Beauty,  Liturgy and Desire. These graces we expect to be present for you at 1/2 Speed,  Of course we fully trust that our retreat  will also be graced by the presence of the triune God, but let us consider these gifts He has provided to help us discern not only his presence, but also his heart.


Late have I loved thee, beauty so ancient and so new! Late have I loved thee! Thou wast within me, and I stood without. St.  Augustine

Oz Lorentzen, director of King’s Fold, is absolutely correct in stating that time is a necessary component of a retreat.  And so our name, 1/2 Speed; for we intend to take five days to explore no more than two and a half days worth of content… the rest is Godspace,  left for you and God to spend as the two of you choose, whether in devotional exercises, , walks in the river valley, fellowship with others, or even just sleeping.  Time: to experience God. Why else would He have made it?


Landscape recalls you into a mindful mode of stillness, solitude and silence where you can truly receive time. John O’Donohue, Irish poet, priest and philosopher.

The host of 1/2Speed is King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre, situated on 160 acres of foothills on the Eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies.  With mountain views, the Ghost River valley, a prayer garden, meadows and trails, the ‘mindful mode’ may well be yours that week.


‘… the world shall be saved by beauty!’  Fyodor Dostoevsky

We are seeking to create a retreat not to train worship artisans, so much as to release them to their part in the Missio Dei. Towards that end, we will create beauty together through the week, draw on the setting, and draw on one another. As well, 1/2 Speed will be resourced with persons ranging from experienced worship curators to philosopher/theologians to spiritual directors, persons equipped to guide and aid your retreat experience.


Pentecostal theologian Simon Chan1 describes ancient liturgical forms as an inspired gift of the Holy Spirit to the early church… the same Holy Spirit that guided the early church fathers in the selection of the canonical scriptures and in forming the doctrine of the Trinity. We will explore the use of liturgy and the daily offices, through the rhythms of our week, and in the liturgies we create.


Thou has broadcast thy perfume, and I have breathed it: now I sigh for thee. I have tasted thee, and now I hunger for thee. Thou hast touched me, and now I burn with desire for thy peace. St. Augustine

Desire. The gift of God birthing within us a yearning for himself. Come, rest, refresh, and be renewed in your desire for Christ.

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